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Power Link Security Connector

  The technological innovations have allowed important advances in security and comfort in heavy transport. However, any carrier is aware of the serious deficiencies that still exist in an essential element: the connection of the hoses from the cabin to the trailer.

 The broad number of cables and hoses that are necessary to join, the difficulty of the couplings, tangles and damage to the material are problematic known, that has an extension in the own maneuvers of the trucks: It is common to observe how when the cabins turn, the hoses are stretched, they deform, become entangled and end up breaking; with the consequent risk that suppose in security.
 For solve this problem we have designed the Power Link Security Connector -PLS- which enables a simplified electrical and pneumatic connection between the tractor and the semi-trailer in a fast, simple and safe way.
 The connector PLS can be anchored either to the ground or the wall, and is configured so that all connections are reduced to a single hose. 
 His design is oriented to safety and robustness, preventing even water from damage the system or generate air losses.
 The facility connection and disconnection avoids possible thefts and implies in a way definitive any mess.
 A solution with multiple advantages for the user in safety and comfort, but also for the manufacturers themselves by considerably reducing the costs in logistics and production.


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