Power Link Security is a young and dynamic company borned in Valencia (Spain) with the objetive of inventing and developing tecnological innovations.

 The professionalism of our team, the commitment to quality and the desire for innovation are strong values ​​that highlights Power Link Security with respect to the rest of companies. The high degree of technological development of the innovation sector, and our high level of professional demand, have determined the character of Power Link Security.
 Ourfirst product, which gives its name to the company, is a single electrical and pneumatic connector oriented to the sector of the heavy transport, more specifically to the connection between the trailer and the truck. The enormous potential of the PLS hose  will be a milestone in the world of transport.
 Once the international patents have been drawn, we launched the manufacturing of a perfectly operational prototype that
would be, from now on, the spearhead of the young company to continue with new innovations.

Our team

The following  are some members of our team:

Juan Mahugo 

Managing Director

Phone: +34 605 244 895

Joaquín Moscoso
Commercial Department

Phone: +34 609 671 979

Fernando Donato

Production Departament

Phone: +34 656 391 447


Antonio Martínez

Engineering Department

Phone: +34 605 610 819